Monday, October 28, 2013

October in Instagrams

Ever since I began my job, I've been terrible at blogging. I'm really excited to reveal Homepolish's new website at the end of the month (full of what I've been up to this past month in the working world), but until then, let's take a took at the past (absolutely crazy) month of October. It's been a wild ride. I got hired, booked a last-minute flight home, packed up my whole life, flew back to NYC, moved into my new apartment, and haven't stopped since. Things are so busy right now, but also absolutely amazing. It's fun to take a look back through my Instagrams and reflect on all the great things that happen each month. I'm excited to see what November has in store!

{discovering my new neighborhood, loving it before it became "mine."}
{home for a quick bit}
{back in NYC, back on the job}
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Monday, September 16, 2013

September {so far} in Instagrams

What my September has looked like thus far {in photos}:
Interning for Homepolish, continuing to explore this crazy, ever-evolving city, discovering many fun and new home decor shops while on the job, breaking in a new pair of fuchsia flats, stalking some of the sights at New York's Fashion Week for a day, celebrating Trevor's new fancy man job, playing tourists in Central Park when my lovely friend Ruth visited, eating many delicious meals at a couple of very cute restaurants, and getting excited by anything fall weather related as the first dose of beautiful weather finally hit :)

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